The TMCH has published some first stats on TM registrations in the TMCH database:

•Number of Holders:         809
•Number of Agents:           135
•Number of TM records:  6.814
•Number of labels:             13.381

This makes an avergae of 8,4 trademarks per trademark owner.

Non ASCII Trademarks Statistics:
•TMs in Chinese:       83
•TMs in Cyrillic:        20
•TMs in Arabic:         14
•TMs in Korean:        12
•TMs in Japanese:    10
•TMs in Hebrew:       2
•Other:                        38

Anteil der Markenursprungsländer (Jurisdiciton)
USA 42%
FR 11%
CH 7%
UK 7%
DE 6%
ES 6%
SE 5%

Sunrise Launch of first new gTLD: Proposed for 9th October 2013