new TLD Bewerber aus Deutschland

Die Veröffentlichung der Bewerbungen um die neuen Top Level Domains wurde am 13. Juni bekannt gegeben. Von den 1930 Anträgen kommen 70 aus Deutschland. 45 Anträge davon lassen sich in Marken- oder brand-TLDs einteilen. Prominente Bewerber  sind der ADAC (.ADAC), die Audi AG (.AUDI), BMW (.BMW), die Robert Bosch GMBH (.BOSCH), der SPIEGEL-Verlag (.SPIEGEL), die RWE AG (.RWE). [...]

new TLD Bewerber aus Deutschland2012-06-20T20:43:15+02:00

ICANN announces new gTLDs (list here)

ICANN has just today released the list of new gTLDs applications. The list is available on the ICANN website as a PDF (602 kb) as a CSV (245 kb) The list comprises of 1,930 new TLD strings, 230 of which are duplicate applications.

ICANN announces new gTLDs (list here)2012-06-13T13:36:01+02:00

Rough stats on new gTLD applications

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) received a total of 1930 applications, after refunds, for new generic top-level domains. 1846 of those are “standard” applications. 84 are designated as “community-based”. Of the 1930, 66 have designated themselves as geographic name applications.  116 applications are Internationalized Domain Names, or IDNs, using non-Latin scripts. [...]

Rough stats on new gTLD applications2012-06-13T10:54:31+02:00

ICANN selects Trademark Clearinghouse Service Providers + new applicant guidebook

ICANN has announced that they have selected Deloitte and IBM on implementation of Trademark Clearinghouse services for new gTLDs. The Trademark Clearinghouse is brand protection mechanism. As proposed by ICANN, the Trademark Clearinghouse is intended to function as an information repository and offer authentication and validation services for trademark data.  The Clearinghouse will serve as [...]

ICANN selects Trademark Clearinghouse Service Providers + new applicant guidebook2012-06-11T13:42:23+02:00
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