Domain-Management Outsourcing

managed IP helps corporations with larger domain portfolios, high brand awareness and an international presence to develop a strategy for global domain management that consumes less time and resources.

managed IP basically acts as a domain competence center for your company. This way your IT, Marketing and other departments are relieved off time-consuming domain tasks. At the same time you are improving your online brand protection and making your domain portfolio future-proof.

Often-times the domain management has historically grown where domains are registered with various prodviders and registrars worldwide. At the same time, IT departments are confronted with non-technical tasks around domains that are can be very time-consuming at times.

BEFORE: IT department in ‘forwarding function’

BEFORE: IT in forwarding function

IT responsible for “Historically grown domain management’; IT forwards orders and requests back and forth between provider/registrar and internal clients (subsidiaries, departments etc).

AFTER: out-tasked to managed IP

AFTER: Out-tasked to managed IP

managed IP supports all parties involved according to their needs (technical, legal, administrative). The IT department reduces their responsibility to technical issues (e.g. DNS) while legal and marketing benefit from managed IP’s know-how.


  • Globally centralized domain management with managed IP
  • Transparent budgeting, intercompany settlement
  • Single Point of Contact for all parties
  • Extended domain know-how (strategy, grabebd domains, daily management etc.) and “holistic approach” in terms of domain protection
  • Less resources needed for all stakeholders

Our ‚domain department’ concept

Consider managed IP your domain department as if it was an internal department within your company. We will support you with your projects as they relate to questions around domain names in any way. These could be for example the following topics:

  • You have created a new brand name – which corresponding domains are available (e.g. European-wide)
  • Registration or transfer of domains (including processing paperwork and getting authorization from Admin-Cs around the globe at subsidiaries or resellers)
  • Advice on what makes sense to register or not (aggressive strategy or conservatively, too)
  • Changing domain settings or whois (e.g. sub domains, DNS zone-management)
  • Dealing with grabbed domains, third party registrations:
    • Evaluation of third party domains and chances of recovery
    • Research of whois data incl. historic data
    • Monitoring of registered domains
  • Budgeting of your domain portfolio
  • Updates regarding relevant domains news
  • Questions about registration requirements (all TLDs worldwide)
  • Consolidating domain portfolios from (newly purchased) subsidiaries
  • Consulting on new TLDs (.brand) or ccIDNs

You may reach us via email or phone or meet us in person as you like – just like your internal collegues.