about managed IP

managedIP strives to provide professional domain management services to larger corporations in a holistic approach. The name ‚managed IP’ stands for two things

  • „managed“ refers to the outsourced character of managed IP’s services. We assist companies in protecting their online identity from the outside, yet act as close to our clients as an internal department. This way we bring specialized knowledge into our clients’ organizations.
  • „IP“ stands for „Intellectual Property“ on the one hand, but also for „Internet protocol“ on the other. Domains actually interface in different parts of any companiy. Both IT departments as well as legal departments deal with domains as a technical infrastructure on the one hand and names with a need for protection on the other.

The founders Thomas Vomberg and Michael Wibbeke have each over 15 years experience each in the domain market. They have helped many large organizations (e.g. several companies listed on the German DAX) to improve their online brand protection level and domain management.

You will find more information on how managed IP can help you company in the services section. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you have any questions on our services or domains in general.

We are happy to send customer references upon request.