New gTLD "hot picks"

These are our "hot picks" amongst the current Sunrise phases:

String Category Sunrise start Sunrise end Live Start TLD phase
.LIVE Identity and Lifestyle 18.08.2015 17.10.2015 21.10.2015 sunrise
.studio Identity and Lifestyle 18.08.2015 17.10.2015 28.10.2015 sunrise
.STUDY Not for Profit/Industry Body 11.08.2015 10.10.2015 14.10.2015 sunrise
.game Arts & Entertainment 06.08.2015 05.10.2015 07.10.2015 sunrise
.FILM Media and Publishing 04.08.2015 03.10.2015 06.10.2015 sunrise
.RENT Real Estate 03.08.2015 03.09.2015 24.09.2015 sunrise
.law Business/Professional Services 30.07.2015 28.09.2015 29.09.2015 sunrise
.LOTTO Gaming 22.07.2015 21.08.2015 08.09.2015 sunrise
.miami Geographic/Regions/Cities 20.07.2015 18.09.2015 02.10.2015 sunrise
.courses Not for Profit/Industry Body 15.07.2015 13.09.2015 23.09.2015 sunrise
.tickets Arts & Entertainment/Retail 13.07.2015 11.09.2015 14.09.2015 sunrise
.SKI Leisure, Hobbies, Sports & Recreation 01.07.2015 30.08.2015 08.09.2015 sunrise
.mba Education 23.06.2015 22.08.2015 02.09.2015 sunrise
.fyi Communications 23.06.2015 22.08.2015 02.09.2015 sunrise
.FANS Identity and Lifestyle 16.06.2015 15.08.2015 02.09.2015 sunrise
.college Education 17.03.2015 17.04.2015 29.09.2015 sunrise

To complete Sunrise list

Domain Typo Squatting

Last Updated: Tuesday, 12 November 2013 16:46

Typosquatting is a kind of cybersquatting whereby a person by mistake misspells a web site's address in the browser line and is then forwarded to an alternative web page that belongs to the typo squatter or earns him money. The typo squatter holds a domain registered that contains a misspelling of the original domain name (e.g. and forwards it in a way that

  • he earns from the proceeds of advertising on that page
  • he earns from directing the traffic through affiliate programs, in many cases even back to affiliate program of the original brand/domain holder, or
  • worst case, leaves the user under the impression of being on the original web site, and retrieves confidential information from that user (phishing) or installs spy- or mal-ware on the users computer

All of these variations can be very lucrative for the typo squatter. Typo squatting has grown to become one of the most popular types of cybersquatting even though the terms & conditions of affiliate or parking programs generally do not allow trademark infringement.

The Typosquatting Analysis

Using the same tools like typo squatters managed IP can identify typo domains and analyse their use. The result of this is an analysis:

  • Who has registered typo domains?
  • Who manages these domains?
  • How are they being used: content, forwards, affiliate programs etc

Please contact us for a White paper on typosquatting or a quotation for an analysis!

Domain for sale

We are selling this domain on behalf of a client. Please contact us here:
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