„A la card“, „OH card“ and „greetment“ domains

On behalf of our clients we have portfolios of „A la card“, „OH card“ and „greetment“ domains for sale.

The lists of domains are as follows:

A LA CARD / ALACARD OH card Greetment
a-la-card.com ohcard.com greet-ment.com
alacard.com oh-card.com greetment.com
a-la-card.de ohcards.com greet-ment.de
alacard.de oh-cards.at greetment.de
a-la-card.at ohcards.at greet-ment.at
alacard.at oh-cards.biz greetment.at
a-la-card.biz ohcards.biz greet-ment.biz
alacard.biz oh-cards.ch greetment.biz
alacard.co.uk ohcards.ch greet-ment.ch
a-la-card.co.uk oh-cards.co.uk greetment.ch
a-la-card.eu ohcards.co.uk greet-ment.co.uk
a-la-card.info oh-cards.de greetment.co.uk
alacard.info ohcards.de greet-ment.eu
a-la-card.net oh-cards.eu greetment.eu
a-la-card.nl ohcards.eu greet-ment.info
alacard.nl oh-cards.info greetment.info
a-la-card.org ohcards.info greet-ment.net
a-la-cards.com oh-cards.net greetment.net
ohcards.net greet-ment.nl
oh-cards.nl greetment.nl
ohcards.nl greet-ment.org
oh-cards.org greetment.org
Price 45.000 EUR Price 12.500 EUR Price 1.500 EUR

The .com domains are not for sale by themselves.

Please contact us if your are interested.